Services-Proven Successes




Integrated a proprietary product development process into Lincoln Electric to drive organic growth.  Resulted in 30% average revenue increase for welding machines developed with the process.  Led to virtually 50% of total machine sales derived from the newly created “WOW” products over a 5 year period.

Advised Miller Weldmaster  Inc.  techniques of a differentiated approach to new product development, resulting in a whole new product line to compete with the Europeans.

“Based on Mr. Seif’s counsel, we implemented a whole new product line to successfully compete with the Europeans.  He has given our company a lot of advice on product development and, most importantly, wisdom to perform internationally.” 

​Jeff Sponseller

Executive Vice President-Miller Weldmaster 


Established a future sales & marketing organization for The American Welding Society and tailored specific tactics such as inside support, product line leverage, and World Skills International integration, advancing sales efficiency and enhancing top line growth.  

Taught 250+ entrepreneurs in Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program how to develop a customer value proposition, segment the market, and invent a total competitive strategy for their growth plan.

 “Richard Seif designed our sales and marketing organization for the future.  The new organization will align our sales objectives with the entire organization, produce efficiencies, and balance our total marketing effort between North America and international expansion.”

Ray Shook

Executive Director-American Welding Society


Hired to sell manufacturer’s business to a strategic buyer.  Devised strategy and selling memorandum to maximize return on EBITDA.  In process, company remains anonymous. 

Acquired Virtual Reality Technology for Lincoln Electric that revolutionized worldwide welder training, penetrated new educational institutions, and created new revenue and profit stream.


Four year Mentor for Global Target Program @ Cleveland State University.  Honored as Mentor of Year in 2012/13 for working with manufacturer who increased European Sales with new Automation product line.

Set up business entities and strategy in Dubai and South Africa for Lincoln Electric, tripling sales in each region in a 2 year period.